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Dajti Ekspres “Cable Car”

Dajti Ekspres is the first construction  of its art in our Country and a unique work, not only from the fact that is the first investment in the field of mountain tourism , recreation and nature protection, but also for the fact that,  as a skyline  for passengers , it has its specific features.“Dajti Ekspres” is 4670 m long, has a difference in level 812 m and an average inclination 19 %.

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Dajti Park

Dajti Mountain declared "National Park" is today an area of about 3333 ha. It is under the jurisdiction and administration of Tirana Forest Service Department.So far, it has fulfilled nearly four functions of a forest: the retroactive function, as a tourist of good climate, the function of soil protection, water resources, roads, conservation function for scientific studies, teaching practice for students of Faculty of Forestry.. .

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Dajti Tower Belvedere Hotel”

Is an investment of the company “Dajti Ekspres sha”. Dajti Ekspres is contributing in the development of the tourism in Tirana building this wonderful hotel, in one of the most known touristic area called mountain of Dajti. The construction of the hotel is fulfilled at the beginning of 2009. Dajti Belvedere Hotel has begun its full operations during the month of September 2009. The main area of focus is promoting the sustainable tourism and the protection of nature.

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Restaurant “Ballkoni Dajtit”

Restaurant “Balcony of Dajti” is operating since 2007. Restaurant offers a comfortable place, very nice and serene spaces with the pleasure of a wonderful view that offers Mountain of Dajti- where Tirana seems to be in the palm of the hand and sunset is amazing. Restaurant “Balcony of Dajti” is created to be one of the most known and best restaurants in Tirana that offers tradition food.If you want to feel more pleasure, fun, quality and a very good service.

Cable Car Station

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The gondola will travel  300 m between each other within 80 seconds..
For decrease this speed...


Rules of transport

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Rules of passenger transport with cable car.
These rules are approved by the Administrate.


View from Dajti Ekspres

Dajti Ekspres - Cable Car


Tickets Info

Individual Tickets – 800 leke/person (going & return)
Only Going or Return Ticket – 500 leke/person
GROUP Tickets (over 20 persons) – 600 leke/person
(Reservation – Monday to Friday TEL: 04 23 79 111)

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